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What is a social media news release?

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Like a normal media release, only smarter.  

Don’t believe me? Fair enough, the traditional media release has served communicators well for decades.  But, when you think about it,  the traditional release is about the only communication tool that hasn’t evolved. 

We’ve done a bit of tinkering at the edges:  I remember the days when media releases were sent by mail; then by faxstream, email and sometimes by SMS. At one stage, we double spaced the lines so journalists could ‘mark them up’ with scribbled instructions for type setters. 

Times change and communicators are no longer involved with traditional media only. Regardless of where we are on the globe, it’s possible that our employer or client is the subject of discussion on Blogs, news web sites operated by traditional media companies, and social media outlets covering any manner of subject.  Joining and influencing that discussion requires not only a change of thinking on our part, but also a change of communication tools. Hence the social media news release.

The media release that we have known and loved for so long will still remain a key way of communicating with traditional media such as newspapers, radio and television. However, increasingly, it will need to be complemented by a communication channel tailored specifically for on line publishers.  This may be a jump in thinking for some, but it is really only an extension of the way in which communicators presently tailor announcements and responses to different types of traditional media.  

If you provide information to on line news rooms and bloggers, it makes sense to talk in their language by adding social media features such as hyperlinks, multimedia, social bookmarking and tracking.

Eventually, we may be using these techniques to bypass the media entirely and go straight to the people, but that’s a story for another day. 

Ian Roberts


Written by ianandsue

April 13, 2008 at 2:14 pm

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