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Take a close look at your communications

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How ironic that many communicators are proving to be closet Luddites.

The art of communications is moving to talking directly with stakeholders, rather than talking ‘at them’. And the fact that this is catching some communicators by surprise, is probably the result of them relying too heavily on media relations.

Traditional media releases and media liaison has always been just one tool in the communicator’s arsenal. The PR industry has understood this, but too many communications managers have allowed media relations to become the “be all and end all” – the holy grail and centrepiece of their work.

This was never going to be sustainable. Community empowerment through digital communications is dramatically changing the role of the media. Savvy media outlets have recognised it; have moved on line in a big way; and are adapting to co-exist with social media. However, many communications people have been left in the wake, refusing to give up the idea of full control over message and still clinging to a rapidly outdated model of pushing their version of information at people via traditional media.

There’s no need to abandon media relations. Communications is evolving quickly, but the media remains a key player. It is time, however, to rethink your style of media liaison and to consider your whole communication system, especially if it still relies heavily on traditional media relations such as e-mailing message releases to mass media and hoping.



Written by ianandsue

April 18, 2008 at 12:00 am

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  1. Hi Ian
    I totally agree. In order for communications and public relations professionals to help their organisations stay in touch in the modern world, they absolutely must embrace the online medium in conjunction with other traditional methods.
    Take for example the YouTube channel about online marketing that’s been getting tens of thousands of hits. This is a perfect example of community empowerment through digital communications and online marketers co-existing with social media. The videos on this channel are not only entertaining, their engaging and informative. For example there is a rapper video called Paid Search 101, which includes lyrics such as:
    Research all your key words
    And your phrases
    They all sound good
    But they may not be effective
    There’s several ways to check
    I prefer WordTracker

    So not only can communicators start engaging in this online medium but they can also learn a thing or two for how to do it better.
    Get out there and get into it – the world is not going to wait for you.
    All the best
    Heidi Alexandra Pollard
    The Communicators’ Coach

    Heidi Alexandra Pollard

    April 19, 2008 at 2:09 am

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