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It’s about on line communication – not just becoming a Facebook number

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I’m passionate about on line communications and the development of social media.

But, I am truly fed up with explaining that it is far more than just Facebook.

It’s amazing how otherwise intelligent people ignore the massive cultural change occurring around us – and instead act as some sort of promotions officer for this social networking product.

I feel like screaming: “Hey ….. it’s all about the web and communication – not about steering people into some product parading as an alternative community.”

I don’t have a personal Facebook page …. and I happen to think there is little to be gained by businesses or organisations setting up pages.  It allows you to upload photos and video and draw pictures, and has no real way of leveraging money. If I see the need for social networking, then I will probably opt for Linked In.

And, there are other issues that worry me.  Back in February, another US blogger, Rob Jewell, published this ‘Hotel California’ concern.


Written by ianandsue

April 29, 2008 at 1:29 pm

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