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It’s a matter of showing trust

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Simply explaining social media to bosses can be hard.   Getting them to show vision and adopt social media is even harder.   However all that usually pales into insignificance compared to the challenge of obtaining staff access to social media.  Anyone who has grappled with this one will appreciate these words of encouragement from one of my favourite bloggers, Jeremiah Owyang.


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September 23, 2008 at 12:21 pm

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I’m back: sorry about the interval

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A shoulder reconstruction and six weeks enforced rest has kept me off line recently.

During my recuperation, I was restricted to typing with only one hand, yet I tried to keep an eye on numerous interesting discussions.

Blogger, Laurel Papworth, was in there defending social networks from being broadly labelled as “social media”.  According to Laurel, the networking is a lot more than just a new media.  Fair point.  To back her point, Laurel gave some interesting examples of innovative networks.  She said:

Finance: Fed up with your bank? Try Prosper or Zopa or Facebook (The Lending Club) … social lending, micro finance, peer2peer loans. The banks will hardly notice. *waves bye* (MY BLOG POST)
Telecommunications: Fed up with your broadband/telco? Try Meraki or Foneros or … social telecomms, mesh aggregation. Want to contribute? Take out a Telstra BigPond broadband service and then onsell/donate to your village. For no additional cost. (MY BLOG POST)
NotForProfits: Wanna help at a grassroots level? The Burritos Project or any social network. Bureaucratic Not for Profits watch out. Mesh aggregation for food.
Travel: Wanna book travel? Buy your tickets from social network hosts at, oh, sportsite TheFanatics (go to the cricket in the Caribbean with several thousand screaming Aussies. Bliss). Organise an event through Upcoming or Meetup or Eventfull and wholesale the tickets directly. The travel agency will miss you though 😦
Entertainment Tickets: ticket ‘scalping’ is out because the mob will set the price and the market will bear what the market will bear, with ticket holders buying and selling to each other (old post on here) (social events)
Recruitment: yeah you guys know this one – LinkedIn? Elance? Rentacoder (or rentasecretary or rentapainter or whatever the future ones will be) Gosh, I should start up a RentaSocialNetworkStrategist. (We work for chocolate, the chocolate economy). Heh. (Open OutSourcing)

Another interesting one entitled ‘Use Facebook and Get Sued’ came from Walter Jennings.  Take a look

Anyway, it’s good to be back and if you are thinking about having a shoulder reconstruction, wow do I have some news for you.

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September 8, 2008 at 11:54 am

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