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Traditional and social media integrate

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At last: traditional and social media are now being brought together in a single application called Peoplebrowsr.

Although it is still being tested, Peoplebrowsr look to have enormous potential for communicators.

Among other things, it allows you to browse an online news bulletin like CNN and, by clicking on key words in the news, find out what people are saying about that subject on Twitter.

Not only can you move from traditional news coverage to informal community discussion at a single click, but you can then join the informal Twitter talk as you wish — and all in the one program on the one screen.  There is no longer any need to open, read and close a formal news report before opening Twitter to see what the community is saying or doing about that issue.

Peoplebrowsr has heaps of other features and pulls together other social media and networking programs such as Flickr, Digg, Friendfeed and Facebook.  

If there was ever a ‘killer’ application, this may well prove to be the real deal.



Written by ianandsue

February 3, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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  1. Thanks, Ian, for this great review of PeopleBrowsr:
    We love the way you presented the harmonization of traditional news coverage and informal community discussion.
    This is what we were looking for and we are delighted that great users appreciate it.
    PeopleBrowsr wants to help people get the information fast, feel the buzz around it and join the conversation easily.
    Killer applications are built on killer feedback and the community growing around PeopleBrowsr is extremely precious: the community is the key for PeopleBrowsr’s difference.
    We receive feedback through Twitter (tag your tweets #PeopleBrowsr), blogs (did you try our new Blog-Search function?) and through our feedback forum:; The PeopleBrowsr developers work from different time zones: Australia, US, Russia and Germany, they get the feedback in real time and implement fixes and suggestions in daily releases.
    Thanks again for your support and thanks to the wonderful Twitter-PeopleBrowsr community for helping us shaping this great product.

    Priscilla Scala

    February 4, 2009 at 8:39 am

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