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The landscape for communicators is changing radically.

And for many of us in the industry, it could be time to update some of our basic understanding of the digital medium.

The use of real time micro blogging in recent big international events, including the Mumbai bombings, the plane in the Hudson River and the fatal bushfires in Australia, has spurred debate about the role of the Internet.

Discussion has centred on the public demand for on line information as events actually happen, as opposed to web searches after the event.  Micro blogging from the scene  – whether by citizens or media professionals – increasingly, is being demanded as the norm.

And that is a vastly different creature to the traditional Google search that has long been seen as the core of digital communication.

Now, the race is on to meet this changing demand by providing real time information. Some journalists who covered  the recent Australian bushfires did so 140 characters at a time using micro-blogger, Twitter.  

The Twitter people  may have stolen a march on rivals with their real time search engine.  Simply type a subject into the search box and you will find any current Twitters on that matter.  Google News is another alternative; perhaps slower but considered by some to be more authorative.

As I discussed in an earlier post, another answer may be Peoplebrowsr, which has an intriging potential to integrate current news from traditional sources with current social media comment.

However, while developments like this are watched with interest, I suggest that all communicators worth their salt get up to speed on real time searching — and do it now. The times are certainly achanging …. and not only in the stock markets.



Written by ianandsue

February 18, 2009 at 10:46 am

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