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Tradional news Twittering minute by minute

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I’m not the only person intrigued by the potential of real time web.

The popularity of Twitter Search, for example, has not been lost on traditional news vendors such as AAP, ABC News, Brisbane’s Courier Mail and Sky News, which are all using the Twitter to  update stories minute by minute.

As PM, Kevin Rudd, arrived in the US today, almost each footstep was Twittered by these news services. This constant updating of the story, allows genuine real time searching, using Twitter Search.

These reports from the news services are mixing with bloggers and other Twitterers, giving a wide view of the matter — and, more importantly, a real time view.  

A very impressive use which is taking Twitter to the absolute forefront of genuine social media.

And, just a tip:  when you are using Twitter and linking back to a website URL, save space by compressing the linking address using TinyURL.  It works a treat.



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March 24, 2009 at 12:25 am

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