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Time to rethink the corporate website as the hub of digital communications

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I touched on this a few weeks ago, but the increasing number of business cards that  carry only a Twitter username show that it is time to reconsider the role of the corporate website.

Where  the website was once the logical hub of communications and branding, its importance has been rapidly eroded by the emergence of social media. Corporate sites – mostly boring template styles, heavy with text and light on finesse – are fast losing their relevance. 

Internet users weaned on social networking, enticed by Facebook or MySpace and now nurtured on Twitter, are leading the way to a new digital future.  Business and government are following them … and the  loser out of this evolution is the corporate website.

In many ways, the shift was predictable. As digital communication became more and more important,  corporate sites tried to meet ever-growing expectations and even second guess public thinking.  Handling all this brought us content management systems and, in turn, websites became high tech brochures – informative but unlikely to catch the imagination of users who were already being wooed  by social media.

And now, as advertising campaigns increasingly are being carried out solely on social media; as Twitter is showing that it can a powerful business and brand building tool as well as strengthening and promoting democracy;  Facebook is experimenting with its own currency;  Google Wave is set to revolutionise intranets; and Twitter is leading the way to real time searching, the corporate website is sadly showing its age.

So, if your digital communications is still centred on a corporate site, it is probably wise to take a long hard think about the future.  The glory days of the dot com era may soon be a fading memory.


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May 30, 2009 at 12:03 pm

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