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Twitter is UK’s quickest growing website

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Social media’s impact on the web has roared past a significant milestone, with news that Twitter is the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing website.

Traffic on the “micro-blogging” website has risen 22-fold in a year, faster than any other site, according to the internet analyst Hitwise.

The soaring interest has propelled Twitter from its position as the UK’s 969th most-visited site last year to 38th today. It was the 84th most popular social network in 2008; now it is ranked fifth.

A report in the Independent on Sunday newspaper, quoted Eden Zoller, an analyst at Ovum, as attributing Twitter’s soaring popularity  to the fact that “it is easy and effective”

The report continued:

“Twitter was founded by Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams in 2006, but 2009 has been its breakthrough year, Hitwise said, with 93 per cent of its growth coming since January.

Robin Goad, director of research at Hitwise, added: “It hasn’t suffered from going up against Facebook like MySpace and Bebo. If it has carved out a big enough niche, Twitter could certainly grow this year and maintain its position after that.”

The problem facing the founders is to change the site from a social networking phenomenon into something that actually generates revenue. It has so far rejected the advertising models used by rivals including Facebook.

Mr Goad said: “Given that Twitter has yet to settle on a business model that will take advantage of its huge, loyal user base, this is an issue that needs to be addressed if they are to make the service a financial as well as a popular success.”


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June 28, 2009 at 12:52 pm

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