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Social media takes aim at traditional power structures

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I’ve usually believed that cynicism to social media is primarily caused by a lack of understanding.   Perhaps I’ve been too kind.

An article by respected research analyst, Caroline Dangson, recently suggested that fear rather than ignorance may often be the key factor behind executive opposition to social media.

Writing for ZD Net, Caroline said the cultural change involved in social media is still seen by some as disruptive, because it challenges traditional power structures – no one person gets credit, no one person has power.

“Corporate culture has everything to do with adoption of social media,” Caroline wrote. 

“I believe the number one factor preventing full adoption of social media is the lack of executive trust in employees.  This culture is about control.”

Caroline went on to predict that organisations and companies that resisted the social media movement would struggle to keep energetic employees, regardless of economic conditions or enticements.  She said the problems that this caused would be exasperated by the fact that “20% of US executives, administrative, and managerial employees would retire in the next five years”.

And, with Australia’s ageing population, don’t expect it to be much different here.

Caroline went on to add that embracing social media would help keep workers interested and invested in an organisation or company.

“Talent attracts more talent and keeping these workers is a key business objective.”

(Caroline Dangson is a research analyst covering social media with IDC’s Digital Marketplace team)


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June 30, 2009 at 5:14 am

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