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PR versus marketing debate is also outdated

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Recent discussion about whether in-house marketing should answer to the public relations function, or vice versa, seems pointless.

I agree that the old style of public relations is clearly reputation management and is therefore a ‘whole of operation’ function.  However, it’s also the bleeding obvious that the PR role cannot be achieved without  marketing, the old style of which  is undeniably a commercial ‘ selling’ process .  Graphic design, logos, advertising, customer sevice and the like are important in any reputation management.

The  problem I see is where companies or organisations attempt to experiment and save money by either trying to get PR to do everything, or vice versa. Attempting to be all things to all people in this way simply doesn’t work and will fail — if not today, then certainly tomorrow.

But, another reason why it is a pointless debate is that, the behavioural change that is currently dubbed ‘social media’ is rapidly making all these titles redundant anyway. What’s the point of relying on media relations only, or focusing strongly on advertising when the public is fast abandoning traditional media models and treats advertising with more wariness than ever.  

No matter what the size of your logo  …. ignore the writing on the wall at your peril.

Attempting to roll together PR and marketing

Attempting to roll together PR and marketing


Written by ianandsue

July 13, 2009 at 11:43 pm

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