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Good question: ‘Why are you still marketing like it is 1999?”

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Why would anyone automatically turn to press, radio, publications and television for promotion – when the Internet is now Australia’s most used media?

With that question, influential blogger, Mediahunter, recently touched on one of my pet subjects – if marketing wants to be taken seriously, then why is it generally stuck in the past.

Mediahunter continued in part:

“According to the 2009 Nielsen Annual Internet and Technology Report the average Australian spends 16.1 hours per week online. This is compared to TV at 12.0 hours per week, Radio at 8.8 hours, Video at 5.4 hours, Online radio at 4.6 hours, PC video at 4.6 hours, mobile at 3.7 hours, newspaper at 2.8 hours and magazines at 2 hours.

Hold on….Australians spend more time online than consuming TV & Newspaper combined? More time online than Radio, Newspaper and Magazines combined?

So the big question is: are your  resources being allocated to the right media?

Why does the average business automatically resort to TV / Radio/ Press when devising a marketing campaign?

Of course there are issues of target markets, cost-effectiveness and clutter with all media decisions, but I am alarmed by the number of businesses still marketing like it was 1999.

 If your customers are now spending more time online than they are consuming other media, shouldn’t you be allocating more of your marketing resources to online?

Shouldn’t you be trying to give potential customers as much great information as possible online to assist them in doing business with you?

Online is now your customer’s number one media priority…is it yours?”

Okay ‘marketing’ people explain why you shouldn’t be dismissed as dinosaurs.


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August 11, 2009 at 11:45 pm

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