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Social media: the behavioural change of our lifetime?

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Some interesting figures:

78% of US consumers trust peer recommendations 

But only 14% trust advertisements

And less than 20%  of traditional TV campaigns now generate a positive return on investment

24 of the 25 biggest newspapers in the US are experiencing record declines in circulation because we no longer search for the news, the news finds us.

80% of Twitter usage is on mobile devices…people update anywhere, anytime…imagine what that means for bad customer experiences? 

Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Ireland, Norway and Panama.

In China, social media site  ‘Qzone’ now has more than 300 million users – and in is growing at an enormous rate.  

Would you believe that 80% of companies questioned in the US say they now use LinkedIn as a key tool to find employees

Generation Y and Z are said to consider email an irrelevant Generation X tool.  In 2009, Boston College stopped distributing e-mail addresses to new students.

There are now more than  200,000,000 Blogs – 54% of which are updated daily.

34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands

If you were paid a $1 for every time an article was posted on Wikipedia you would earn $156.23 per hour

In the near future we will no longer search for  products and services they will find us via social media

Successful users of social media act more like party planners, aggregators, and content providers than traditional advertisers or promoters.



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August 20, 2009 at 1:13 am

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