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Phone calling comes to Twitter: huge news

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This is big:  From tomorrow, Twitter users will be able to make free phone calls to and from each other .

Daniel Terdiman, of CNET News, says a system developed by Internet systems provider, Jajah, “will allow Twitter users to have two-way voice chat with other users by typing “@call @username”–where “username” is someone’s Twitter ID–into any Twitter client. ”

During a trial period,  the calls will be limited to two minutes, but the company will evaluate that length. However, it sees the two minute period–after which the call will end–as “the verbal equivalent of a tweet.”

Daniel says  the service will allow a user to place a call to any other user, so long as the second person follows the first on Twitter and both have Jajah accounts. The service is free to use and is expected to work on any Twitter-enabled device, from PCs to smart phones.

One important element of the service is that users can keep their phone numbers private, yet be able to have voice chats with just about anyone on Twitter. To be sure, since the calls are initiated by one person, the recipient may well not be online, or may choose to ignore the call if they don’t want to talk.”

News of the service has swept through Twitter users in the past 24 hours – and certainly seems to be a big Media2


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September 17, 2009 at 4:30 am

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  1. […] reality is that most of the best registry programs require a license that needs to be purchased. Phone calling comes to Twitter: huge news – 09/17/2009 This is big:  From tomorrow, Twitter users will be […]

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