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Women dominating the social side of the online world

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Interesting figures have shed additional light on how the social side of online media is increasingly dominated by women.

Google Ad Planner researched 17 popular social media sites and found a clear gender imbalance.

Of the 17, Digg was the only site where the majority of users were men.

The figures supported research earlier this year, which showed 75% of women who used social networks did so primarily to keep in touch and chat with family and friends.

Only 25% were seeking information, advice, or staying up to date with latest events.

Because most female social networkers are not looking for specific information, they tend to select the network that their friends are using – and then stay there. ┬áSites that cater for a broader objective, generally ┬áhave a more even mix of men and women.

In countries such as Australia, where the majority of buying decisions are made by women, these sort of findings are of particular interest to e-commerce operators, online retailers and their advisors in the PR and technology fields.



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December 8, 2009 at 1:37 pm

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