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2010: The year of social media

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Social media is set to explode this year, led by the tremendous growth in the mobile web.

All indications are that everything that has come before will be dwarfed in 2010 – and the big loser will be traditional advertising and marketing.  The trend was signalled in late December, when Pepsi dropped its US Super Bowl advertising spend (after 23 consecutive years) to invest in social media in 2010.

One of the important spin-offs of this growth will be the absolute need for everyone who is serious about communications to undertake genuine monitoring of the social media conversation.  No longer can monitoring be restricted to traditional media, plus the odd website or blog.

My eye was recently caught by a report published by social media aency ‘We Are Social’.  The report reads, in part:

Social media goes up the agenda of organisations
In 2010. companies seem to have plans to invest seriously in social media.
According to BizReport, social media is a priority for marketers: more than half of respondents (56.3%) had planned to include social media in their mix.

According to Charlene Li, “social media will become part of everyday lexicon for business in 2010″ while for Adam Cohen, “Social media gets smarter”: companies will start using social media more strategically.

For Connie Benson, “social media will shift from being experimental to metrics and the loop will be closed so that social media monitoring is necessary and actionable”.

David Armano predicts the mass adoption of social media policies in companies in 2010. This year, companies will understand the importance of investing for the long term in social media, rather than just on specific campaigns.

What was already important for brands in 2009 becomes crucial in 2010: listening to and participating in online conversations as they have a real impact on people’s opinions. Even more so now that Google and Microsoft have incorporated the real-time social web at the core of their search algorithms: Today, when researching a brand; making a shopping decision; or looking to see what your local government representatives are doing, you’ll surely find tweets about it.

So, if you have signored social media, or even hoped that it would just go away, it’s now time to rethink – or be left badly behind.



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January 6, 2010 at 11:02 pm

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