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Do you trust websites?

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It’s not difficult to understand why corporate websites are almost irrelevant.

In this day and age, I’d be keen to know who still relies only on government or company websites to gain information?  Or, more interestingly, I wonder who still believes and trusts information from websites without also checking it with fellow net users?

As blogger, Jeremiah Owyang, said a little while back:

“The corporate website is an unbelievable collection of hyperbole, artificial branding and pro-corporate content. As a result, trusted decisions are being made on other locations on the Internet”.

Jeremiah correctly pointed out that many marketing types are still stuck in the belief that the best ways to reach people online are either corporate websites or on Google search results.

My wife is buying a new kitchen, which is a substantial purchase.  Some kitchen companies have urged her to check their corporate websites, where “you can experiment with designs and kitchen colours etc”.  However, the smarter firms have told her simply to ask about their products on consumer rating sites or social media outlets like Twitter.  And that’s exactly when she intended to do anyway: because – like me – my wife doesn’t much care for the marketing-speak and “positive” information that fills corporate websites.

The wave of transparency that is accompanying social media growth, is rapidly transforming government and company websites, as they shed much of their current ‘marketing’ objective.

The pace of this transformation will probably be increased by tools such as Google’s new ‘SideWiki’.  I was impressed by a demonstration of this tool at Frocomm’s recent New Media conference in Sydney, Australia.  SideWiki is a add-on to the Google toolbar which allows you to add comments to any website. So, if you believe a site is nothing more than a corporate or government PR blurb, you can say so – nicely of course – and leave the comment for others who Google that website.

Yay! More power to web users. Lets hope it hastens the end of useless corporate sites.



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March 20, 2010 at 4:45 am

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