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Why should we pay this carbon tax: it sucks

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Australians are not stupid.  They know a carbon tax would take money out of their pay.

They also know that a carbon tax would increase the cost of almost everything they buy. And they might lose their jobs because of it.

Julia Gillard wants to tax us more money.  Tony Abbott doesn’t.

That’s pretty simple.

When Julia Gillard is on TV talking about this, her aim is to convince people to pay more tax.

Doesn’t it always sounds the same :  ” yabba…yabba….climate change ….yabba …..yabba…..climate change.”

Sure, the climate changes,  but why should you and I pay more tax because of that.

The suits tell you that China is doing it, so we must do it too.

But that’s rubbish. China is building big dams to make electricity.  Why don’t we do the same?  We have big rivers and lots of water in Queensland. You’ve seen it on TV.

Carbon pricing is a 10 year old idea that has passed its ‘used by’ date. This carbon tax is a dodgy con job. And you are the ones being conned.


Written by ianandsue

May 22, 2011 at 11:28 pm

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