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After selling out, what remains for the Left?

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How on earth did Leftist thinking end up like this?

Never have there been causes more just than equality, fairness and striving against poverty. And the Left has always had a proud mortgage of standing up for these causes; battling the indifference and vested interests of the Right.

But, somewhere the baton was dropped and it’s hard to see today’s Left as little more than a band of self-obsessed dilettantes living in their own worlds.

How else do you explain people who have long espoused freedom and openness, suddenly supporting censorship and the suppression of ideas and expression. Or arrogantly telling developing nations they can’t join the first world club because it would only increase eco-footprints.

Once, the Left would never have presumed to all knowledge. Once, it was sure in its values and intellect and did not stoop to simply hurling labels like sexist, racist, anti-feminist etc etc etc.

The sight, this week, of well-heeled, self-appointed guardians of community thinking smirking at the death of Margaret Thatcher, unfortunately, said a lot.

Devoid of real causes and living comfortably with their tertiary education, people on the Left have drifted away from substance — and now find their main values lie in the inflexible dogmas of political correctness and radical environmentalism. 

Unfortunately, such elitism is not a good base from which to garner broad public support.

Somewhat sadly, the Left is now a case of ‘once were warriors’.


Written by ianandsue

April 30, 2013 at 2:24 am

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